1) How do I clean my RōM pillow?

Unzip cushion and carefully empty buckwheat hulls into large bowl or container. Wash shell inside out in cold water and air dry. Carefully refill shell. 

2) Does RōM offer any guarantee for the cushions?

Yes! We offer a 1 year guarantee on the zipper and seams. Each cushion is made with great attention to detail and we take great pride in the quality.

3) Do I need to buy a cushion to meditate?

No, you definitely do not. You can use a chair, a pillow, a bed, or just the ground or yoga mat. Having a cushion promotes regular practice, as well as a strong posture. Along with looking great they also help to create a welcoming, comfortable space.

4) How firm should my cushion be?

We fill our cushions to a standard firmness based on research. However, with constant use, you may find that you wish to adjust firmness to your liking by adding or subtracting buckwheat via zipper. Additional buckwheat can be purchased through RōM if you desire a more firm cushion.

5) How long will it take to receive my cushion?

Cushions are handmade, individually and will take 7-14 days to ship.

6) I live close to London, can I pick up my cushion?

Yes, absolutely! See the link below to order your cushion for pick up:


7) Are RōM cushions available in any stores?

Hopefully soon! Follow us on social media for updates.