The Cushions

 What is a Zafu?

       To put very simply, it is a "prop" for your hips to allow for a comfortable, strong-postured position while sitting. Without this "prop", most bodies are likely to succumb to the surface below us and become misaligned, resulting in discomfort and in turn a loss of focus.

       There are numerous seated position that a Zafu can help accommodate, including Full Lotus, Half Lotus and kneeling. The position in which you sit depends on your flexibility and can change as your practice grows.

     All of our RōM cushions are handmade by Kelsey, Lee as well as a family member who boasts 50 years of seamstress experience and has a strong, genuine love for sewing and creating handmade, quality pieces.

     The cushions are always made of natural fibers like cotton and linen. We fill our cushions with the traditional Buckwheat. This creates a feeling of sitting on sand  and allows the pillow to shape to the contours of your hips for comfort, which helps  to promote relaxation. The cushions are equipped with durable zippers to adjust firmness, as well as allow for emptying your cushion when it is necessary to wash.

     Modern Zafu Cushion

    • elevates hips for a better seated posture 
    • taller height for extra comfort during longer practices
    • larger seat surface for extra comfort
    • tapered edges allow for greater hip opening
    • equipped with handle for easy transport
    • variety of patterns to suit any living space